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The Frumpy Mommy Tale Continues

October 29, 2009


An interesting thing happened today. I decided to go through my closet, and tackled my shoes first. To fully appreciate this story, you need to know a few things.

1. I used to be a shoe-freak. I had enough shoes at one point to wear a different pair every day for two months. Not just ordinary shoes, I had a knack for finding unique styles, and usually for a great bargain.

2. Not always a bargain, though. I think the most I ever spent was a hundred dollars. Not Jimmy Choos, but pretty expensive in my budget.

3. On the other hand, I once bought designer shoes for $2. I had a coupon.

4. When I went on my honeymoon, I had a separate suitcase just for… got it. Shoes.

So, you’re getting the picture. I guess I should tell you now that in the last few years, my shoe collection has dwindled. I am not able to replace ones that are falling apart and it’s been over a year since I bought anything but sneakers.

Even though I loved shoes before I started getting on the frumpy side, I loved them even more when I could no longer fit into a size two dress. Shoes always fit! Even so, one dreary, gray day, I called my mom.

“Went shoe shopping. Not happy.”


“Well, because, none of them made me look skinny!”

It’s the truth. My love affair with shoes didn’t exactly end that day, but we began to drift apart. My body seemed even larger when towering on skinny stiletto heels. And, staying home with my kiddos, I didn’t have much need for the latest style anyway. Right now, I couldn’t even tell you what the latest style is.

So, back to today. I threw out every ripped, fraying, impractical, and smelly shoe I owned and only kept the ones I actually wear. So what was so interesting?

I now have more slippers than shoes.

Is this normal?


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  1. Tish permalink
    October 30, 2009 6:00 am

    It is normal for a SAHM to have more slippers than shoes!…now you can collect comfy, stay-at-home styles! The fluffier, the better, especially as we enter into winter!

    Happy slippering!

  2. turtlemomma permalink
    October 30, 2009 7:24 am

    You gotta get some with funky bunnies or something all big on the toes.
    I like shoes too but not that much. I only have about a dozen and I dont wear them all. Moslty my little black flats, my two running shoes, and my yellow ballet slippers. Oh and in the summer its all flip flops. Every year I buy at least one new pair. Wish I could wear them all year long. 😦 Some people do up here, the true Oregonians.
    Love this blog.

  3. October 30, 2009 9:06 am


    I am also going through my shoes. We are moving and more and more are being tossed into the give away bag.

    It’s hard to part with some of them, but I know I’ll never wear them again. Meanwhile, I bought a pair of heals for next summer on sale at Old Navy ($6). I’ve never had any quite like them before and I can’t wait to try them out!

  4. Stacy permalink
    October 30, 2009 8:31 pm

    too funny Angela.. I have always been frumpy and require a new pair of slippers every Christmas cuz its all I live in from Sept-May… love them 🙂

  5. October 31, 2009 11:38 pm

    Ok I laughed out loud at that one.
    I don’t have nearly as many shoes as I used to either. I just can’t justify spending the money on them when I hardly get the opportunity to use them.
    Maybe one day – when the kids are supporting themselves? – I’ll have a fabulous pair of black heel again.
    (Hopefully I’ll be thin by then too ; ))

  6. November 3, 2009 5:25 am

    Oh how we love slippers! they make homeschooling much cozier. my girls love slippers too! 🙂 I do have a few fun heels in my closet but they only come out once and awhile… mostly flats or flip flops here! 🙂 very cute post.

  7. mamala permalink
    November 3, 2009 8:37 pm

    Oh yes, I feel your pain.
    As you know back in my more slender years I, too, donned 3-inchers at every opportunity. They made my legs look great, and who doesn’t need that?
    Time passed. I developed a small tumor and a BUNION–gross–all payment for shoving my unsuspecting feet into the these razor-sharp, strappy little numbers–whose soul (ha ha–soul–sole–) purpose was to force the immense weight of my upper body into a few square inches around my toe area.
    Didn’t stop me at first.
    Then came the surgery.
    And just a touch of wisdom, which looked a little something like this:
    Pain bad. Shoe pretty. Pain kinda bad. Shoe really pretty. Pain liveable. Give glorious shoe another chance.
    Yow!!!!!!!!!!! Shoe bad!

    So now that my slenderness is nicely insulated from the evil world–smart fashionable footwear is just something I see on television.

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