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Course of Study With Reviews, 8th Grade

September 14, 2009

Bible Study/Character Training

Daily devotional time (Prayer, reading, journaling)

Scripture Memorization (using Charlotte Mason’s system)

A Young Woman After God’s Own Heart, Elizabeth George

Coco reads this on her own, a little each day. We discuss it each week at our tea time.

Tapestry of Grace, all Bible selections

    TOG Year one covers the books of Moses, Genesis through Deuteronomy.

Tapestry of Grace, all worldview, church history selections

We’re doing a couple of very interesting books on Jewish holidays, religions around the world, and Church history.

Holman Bible Atlas

    This can be used with all levels of Tapestry for geography and Bible!


Language Arts

Daily Grams, Junior High through High school level.

Daily grammar warm-ups. These take about five minutes and reinforce grammar concepts learned last year.

Basics of Diagramming, Christian Light Education

A handy little guide I picked up at Rainbow Resource for two bucks. It gives step-by-step diagramming in manageable chunks. Though it’s meant to be a reference, I am teaching straight out of the book once a week. We cover about half a page, or two concepts and do a few sentences on the board. As much as we loved Abeka grammar last year, diagramming was something I did not feel we fully grasped. And by we, I mean we. It is impossible to teach something you don’t understand. This book has made it all better.

Vocabulary From Classical Roots, Book B

Coco is a word-freak like me, so we both happen to love this curriculum. Greek and Latin roots are given for memorization, and words that are derived from those words are assigned each week. We include a drill time each day for about five minutes, and Coco’s vocabulary has greatly increased. After the initial lesson is given each week, which I usually do on Mondays, we spend about 15 minutes a day on vocabulary.

Tapestry of Grace Literature selections

Literature selections for TOG are living history books, all based or written in the time period studied.

Spelling Power

Spelling power has been a favorite of ours. We spend 15 minutes a day working on spelling words that Coco has misspelled, instead of memorizing words she may already know. Love the methodology of this program, for ages 8 and up.

Write Shop I (this is an outside class she is taking)

I am not teaching Coco this class, but I’ll talk about it anyway. I just love this book! Last year, I went to a workshop with Kim Kautzer, the creator and knew I would one day use her product. I did not plan on having someone else teach Coco, but this class was a great opportunity for her to be with some homeschool friends and a great opportunity for me to have someone else do that subjective grading. Coco already loves to write, so it was a natural choice to encourage her in this area.



Your Complete Pre-algebra course

This site is like a math tutor online. It has step-by-step directions for thousands of problems in their database. You can follow a complete course, as we are doing, or you can supplement it as tutoring for math. You can even enter a page number from a Saxon or other math textbook and it will direct you to tutoring for that lesson. Each lesson contains a video, practice problems, self test, notes, and printable worksheet. Coco’s favorite part is the applause she gets when she answers a self test question correctly. At $2oo a year, it’s a little pricey, but cheaper than hiring a tutor. You can try it for one month for $30.


World History and Geography

Tapestry of Grace Year 1, All Primary and In-Depth resources

We’ll be studying from Creation to the fall of Rome, via some very interesting books. Coco said she never liked history until this year, and I am sure it has to do with TOG and the books they suggest. They are so interesting to read, and instead of lightly covering many topics, she is able to dig deep and learn so much about ancient civilizations. The bonus with TOG is it’s all tied into our Bible readings and God’s hand in history is in all lessons.

TOG Geography, Map Aids year one, Dialectic level maps

This is the subject that scared me the most. I had no idea what all those geography terms meant! Five weeks into TOG, it is now one of our favorite times. I usually schedule two sessions a week where both girls work on their maps and we discuss geography. I have taken to using a children’s dictionary because it puts terms in a way I understand.



Apologia, Exploring Creation Through Physical Science, 2nd edition

I was so excited to try Apologia this year, and i have not been disappointed. Coco is loving the experiments, and reading in her science book daily has been no problem since it is written to her, in a conversational manner. She has become quite independent with this program!


Foreign language

Rosetta Stone Homeschool Version Spanish I

I absolutely love this program! It includes a headset where you can not only hear the words being pronounced, but also speak them and the program judges your accuracy. Amazing! In the homeschool version, there are worksheets, quizzes, and tests included.


Fine Arts

Legacy Series: Learn and Master Piano DVD Course

This DVD course came very highly recommended. I got it on a half off sale from their site, and made three payments. The nine dvd’s and __ CD’s, and instructional book were well worth it. Coco is progressing quickly, and the teaching is great. You take as much time as you need in between each lesson to master the concept.

How Great Thou Art, Feed My Sheep

What a great resource! There are hundreds of lessons here covering drawing, painting, colored pencils, and more. I am doing the lessons side by side with Coco and am finding that it is not just enjoyable for her, but i am learning as well…which seems to be a common theme this year.

Tapestry of Grace Year 1, Arts and History activities

A few things we have done so far, we have made Egyptian clothes, cartouches, and studied Egyptian art. We have a variety of art and project books that will take us through all of our history studies.


Swimming, volleyball, workout videos, bike riding…anything else we feel like doing!

Both girls are on a point system for PE this year, they have to accumulate a certain amount of points each week by being physically active.


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