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Quiet Time Kit for Kids

September 5, 2009

This year my six year old, Soleil, is starting first grade.  Now that summer days of sleeping in are over, I asked her what she thought she should do each morning before school.  Her first five answers all included something that pretty much added up to her own quiet time.

While she had her own prayers each morning last year, it was clear to me that she was ready for a little more.  We made a little list for her and now in addition to getting ready and doing her chores, she has her own quiet time each day.

Can you imagine this little girl even five years from now if she develops this daily habit at such a young age?  Maybe by the time she is my age, she won’t struggle with this important discipline the way her mom does.

I wanted to encourage her in this, so I made her a little quiet time bag.  The idea started out as a quiet time basket or box, but I found a very cute sturdy bag, and used that instead.

Here’s what is inside:

  • Her Children’s Bible (at her reading level so she can read it on her own)
  • A devotional book
  • Lyrics to a few songs
  • A scarf to dance with (one of her ideas was to dance for the Lord)
  • A composition book to write down prayers or songs
  • A triangle that she has started using during worship

These ideas are pretty specific to Soleil.  There are lots of things you could add for your own kids, depending on their ages.  Shortly after I put Soleil’s together, I made Coco (12) one.  She had all her materials on her headboard, so I just found another cute bag and added some Bible study materials to go along with what she already has.

Some more ideas:

  • Worship CDs
  • Journal
  • Book of prayers or promise book
  • Bible study book
  • Concordance, Bible dictionary
  • Bible Highlighters, pens, etc.
  • Bookmarks or ribbons, or post-it-flags

I gave these to the girls at our special tea times.  I’ll be sharing about this weekly time I have with each girl soon.  It’s another great idea for your girls…or boys!

Not just for kids!

While I am talking about this, I think it’s a great idea if you happen to know a new believer!  Sometimes I have been blessed to mentor a young woman who is new to walking with the Lord, and I love presenting her with a little box to inspire her own daily quiet time.  Do you know anyone you could bless with a quiet time kit?

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  1. mamala permalink
    September 6, 2009 9:21 am

    I wish that our moms would’ve made these for us (you ‘n me). Great habit building exercise.


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