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The Quiet Times of Godly Women

May 27, 2009

How Do You Spend Your Quiet Time?

I asked this question recently to some wise women I know and got a great response.  I have been away from my blog for a while, for a number of reasons, so I’ve been sitting on all these great ideas that I’ve just been dying to share with you all. 

It was very encouraging once I sat down and thought who I would ask these questions of, I realized that I happen to know many great and godly women!  As I read the many replies, I thought of how much these women do for their families, and for others.  Each of them has touched my life in some way, so I decided that I would feature each one of these great ladies and share their routines with you.

Maybe you have a quiet time established already and could use some refreshing ideas, or just encouragement.  Or maybe you have slipped from an everyday routine and need a little jumpstart.  Perhaps you have never had a regular one-on-one time with God and you’re starting from scratch.  Whatever your situation is, I am sure you will be blessed by these women’s stories.

I hope to post one of these stories each week to encourage you in your own walk with Jesus.  Reading about these godly ladies will hopefully encourage you and maybe even inspire you to find a real-life mentor.  The lessons we can learn just by watching the lives of godly women are boundless. 

Here are the questions I asked these gals, maybe you’ll want to answer them for yourself:

Where do you have your quiet time (QT)?         

 When do you have your QT, and is it the same time each day?

 What do you do during this time?

 Do you use any special resources?

 Describe in a few sentences the importance of a QT for you personally.

 Any other thoughts?

 Tomorrow, I will start this series with a post about one of these special women, Kathy G.  I hope you are encouraged by her as I am.


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