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Cheap Outings With a Twist

April 23, 2009

Getting tired of going to the same old spots for cheap fun?  Here are some ideas to spice up your next local outing:

The park: Bring water or Nerf guns and play on playground w/ them.  Of course, you’ll have to be courteous of other park-goers, so go when it might not be busy.  I can tell you from experience, this is so fun!

The Library:  Make a fun scavenger hunt before you go.  Finding stuff in books is fun, but if you’ve been to your library often enough, you can probably think of some other clever things for them to find.  Ours has paintings, a display of different collections under glass, a great magazine section, and even an aquarium.  A simple reminder to walk and whisper would be a good idea.

Museums:  A scavenger hunt here would be awesome, too. If you’ve worn out your local museum, try a different approach.  Have the kids be your tour guide.  They can read facts posted near displays or just make it up as they go.  Or, you can all bring a sketch book and sit quietly and sketch whatever you fancy, be it a famous painting, an artifact, or that guy over there picking his nose.  Made you look!

Ice cream or frozen yogurt shop:  Challenge kids to come up with a new flavor combination using toppings, etc.  Better yet, make it a contest, then you’ll get to judge (taste) all the creations!

Farmer’s Market:  Most weekly markets have lots more than fruits and veggies.  Cotton candy, kettle corn, pony rides.  And there’s plenty for the kids, too.  Sample a local baker’s cookies, and enter every raffle you see.  Bring your camera and have the kids take photos of interesting things, or get them each a disposable camera.  You’ll get to see the day from their point of view, and you might find a budding photographer in your midst. 

Fast Food:  An old favorite of youth groups everywhere…the progressive fast food dinner.  Order a salad at the first place, fries at the next, and then a burger somewhere else.  Finally, go somewhere and order a shake or other dessert.  Try out every playground if you can brave the germs.  Your kids will have a blast and fill their junk food-quota for a month.  This is especially fun if you can bring another family along for the fun, and no cooking or clean up for mom!

I will be following this post up soon with some other ideas for local, cheap fun.  If you have any ideas, post them here in the comment section!


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  1. April 23, 2009 3:30 pm

    Great ideas! I like the progressive fast food idea. Something I am sure most kids would dig! 🙂 Keep putting up the greta ideas. 🙂

  2. April 23, 2009 3:48 pm

    Love the progressive fast food idea.

    Thanks for posting these tips since summer break is around the corner and the kiddos aren’t going to want to be stuck at home.

    Plus, with my taking online classes during the summer we’ll need to get out of the house and take a break every once in a while.

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