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Women Encouraging Women

April 6, 2009

Too often, we hear (and talk) about the difficult women that make your day or life harder.  Yet, there are so many great women out there, teaching and encouraging others.  Today, I’d like to send you away from this blog to a couple of great instances of women encouraging women. 

First, I read a great couple of articles recently that happen to be written by my mom, Kathleen, and my friend, Becky.  They are on their church’s website encouraging women each month with their heart-filled biblical wisdom.  Click here to read them.

Next, I want to tell you about an awesome opportunity.  It’s an online women’s conference called A Woman Inspired.  I really wanted to attend this conference, but didn’t have the funds.  Fortunately, they lowered the price at the last minute and it is now only $12.95. 

The conference takes place over 4 days (it started this morning), but obviously I do not have four days to sit in front of my computer!  However, after the conference is over, ticket holders can download all the messages!  That’s eighteen in all, and they have some downloadable freebies you get when you sign up.  I listened to one message this morning, called “Choosing to Forgive,” and it had me in tears but also gave me some practical tips.

I had to shut it off during the Q&A afterwards because the kids wanted breakfast but that’s okay, because I will be able to download it eventually.  So if you missed today and want to sign up, you’ll still get the MP3s.

I will probably not sit in on the talks online, but instead download the audios for the car, the gym, or whenever.  Who can’t use a little inspiration?  And for thirteen bucks, you can’t miss it.


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  1. mamala permalink
    April 7, 2009 6:16 am

    This is such a God thing.
    At our Sunday evening PS150 prayer-time, God put it on my heart to begin to pray extra for the women of PS150. God is shoring up his girls–He is insisting that we remain stalwart and focused on being His reps–especially with each other.
    Our women are wonderful, kind, intuitive, and charming–and a far cry from many of the women’s groups I’ve been in. We stand with the Lord to safeguard this group of holy daughters–we’ll not let in a smidge of the scary.

  2. angelamills permalink*
    April 10, 2009 8:13 am


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