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Summer Ideas

March 31, 2009

Here are some ideas for your summer lists.  I planned to post this last week, but a home improvement project separated me from my house and computer for a few days.  It was kind of nice to be disconnected, but I’m glad to be back home and onto this blog! 

Like I said before, these are all really simple ideas, just to get your own brain going.  I like to brainstorm with the kids, they always have the best ideas and they’re thrilled when one of theirs ends up on our calendar or is pulled out of an idea jar.

·         Run though sprinklers

·         Sidewalk paint (available in the craft section of stores)

·         Play charades

·         Have a sleep over

·         Sand art

·         Play dough or clay

·         Have fun with water balloons

·         Tie dye t-shirts

·         Hand out cards at convalescent home

·         Go window shopping

·         Make a scrap book page

·         Make up a recipe

·         Tea party

·         Manicures or pedicures

·         Make up a dance to a favorite song

·         Write and perform a play or act out a favorite story

·         Karaoke

·         Have a fashion show

·         Sports:  softball, basketball, soccer, etc.

·         Play hide and seek (fun at any age!)

·         Make a collage of any kind

·         Have a backyard campout

·         Make an ice cube sculpture

·         Make root beer floats, popsicles, or another frozen treat

·         Hunt for worms and insects

·         Board games or card games (have a marathon!)


I am not sure what I’ll do this year.  I like the spontaneity of the idea jar, and I don’t have any big projects that I need to schedule around this year so we might go with that.  But I have a new idea brewing…to make a huge list on a piece of posterboard, where we could add ideas anytime they pop in our heads and kind of check them off as we do them. 

Plus, we could add things after we did them, maybe even scraps or photos…which would make it a nice memorial of our summer.

          Hmm. Something to think about!






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  1. mamala permalink
    April 1, 2009 1:01 pm

    You must have the most fertile brain, ever.
    I got tired just reading your list–thinking, “Oooh, yeah, good idea!” “Hmmm, never would’ve thought of that.” etc., and then after more ideas than I’ve had in a lifetime, I figger you’re done–and then you say–‘I have another idea!’
    I am so glad that you are using the wonderous brain God gave you for good. We are happy to have you on our side.

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