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The Ministry of a Mom

March 17, 2009

A couple of years ago I gave up several ministries that I was serving in and for the most part, leading.  God had moved me, one thing at a time, to almost no ministry at all and was teaching me that my family was my first ministry.  I am so thankful that He did that for me!  Putting my creative energies into our family and home is the best use of my gifts at this point in my life.

Being a mom means sometimes you have to say no to other opportunities to serve.  We must choose carefully and prayerfully how we spend our time.  I regret hours spent working on projects and outreaches for other kids while my own children watched TV, waiting for me to be done.  This is my own fault, getting carried away with ideas and taking on too many things.  I know of many moms who balance it all beautifully.

As for me, I’m still getting the hang of it.  I still must pray daily for wisdom in this area.  Eric used to say that I live and breathe whatever it is I am involved in.  We joke about it, but his comment caused me to take a good look at things and ask God to help me change.

God is merciful!   He has brought ministry opportunities back into my life, and with His help I’ve been able to set boundaries.  Writing this blog, for instance, could easily eat up my day if I let it.  Ideas, research, reading other blogs, writing, writing, writing…

Fortunately, I have been strict with myself and I work on this in the early morning hours, after my quiet time with God and before my kids wake up.  Are there times I think I could do more or write a better post?  Only every day!  Yet, when the time I’ve set aside comes to an end, I honor that.  I now fiercely protect my first ministry, as a wife, mom, and builder of this home. 

This means I’ve said no to many things.  Things that I am gifted to do, things that I would have fun doing, things that would help others.  It gets easier and easier as I see God’s plan unfolding in my family.   One ministry I have been able to say yes to is the ministry of prayer.  This is great for moms who can’t leave the house and long to serve God’s people. 

To help my forgetful mind– and to organize the time I spend in this ministry– I keep a prayer notebook.  I am going to share tomorrow how I set up my notebook.  (Don’t worry; it is not a three-ring binder with several tabs!  I use a simple ten cent spiral bound notebook.)

Because I listened to God’s leading a couple of years ago, I am now living the life of my dreams.  Everything my heart desired in the past was possible; I just needed to make some room. 

Do you need to make some room in your life?  Are you overwhelmed with saying yes to too many opportunities and saying no too often to your family?  Pray and ask God to show you where you may need to cut back.

Or maybe you feel you have no ministry at all.  I encourage you to ask God to show you to treat your husband and kids as a ministry for Him and work at it diligently.  He will bless your efforts and open doors to bless others as well. 

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  1. mamala permalink
    March 18, 2009 1:45 pm

    This one is probably being wildly forwarded, even as we speak!
    So many people don’t get it–once they read this–they have no excuse!

  2. nancy permalink
    March 18, 2009 4:24 pm

    Dear sweet talented Angela – you have always been an inspiration to me and our family. You are loving and giving beyond belief. I appreciate that you are writing this blog and letting us be a part of you and your thoughts. You make me believe I too can be a better mom, wife and family member.
    God bless you.


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