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Story of One Skeptical Mom

March 16, 2009

A few weeks ago, the woman who does our homeschool group newsletter asked me to write something encouraging for the parents.  I thought I’d share it with you all.  Here it is:


A year ago, I sat with my husband watching a reality show featuring a homeschool family.  The kids were not only odd and socially inept.  They were weird.  And the parents?  Definitely off their rockers.  We laughed and felt sorry for these poor kids and felt glad our kids were happy, well-adjusted children.


A few months later, I began to feel as if God were leading us to homeschool our kids.  It had never even occurred to me before, and everything in me resisted.  I begged God to not make me do this.  Anything but this!  Homeschool kids are odd and socially inept.  Remember that show, God?  I don’t want my kids like that! And when the pressing on my heart didn’t go away…Why, God, why?


Slowly, God began to change my heart and at the same time, people came into our lives that were homeschoolers.  Wonderful, godly, amazing people.  Wacky, for sure, but in an awesome way. 


I became close to two women at church who happened to be homeschooling their kids.  Happy, well-adjusted kids, in fact.  I got to see homeschool in action, and it looked…fun.  I began to imagine teaching my kids at home, and for the first time, it didn’t seem weird. 


After much prayer, my husband I agreed to take the leap.  We would bring our kids home from school and start a new adventure.  I still wasn’t sure why God wanted this, but we no longer had doubts that it was His will. 


Within a couple of weeks, we met more families that were planning to homeschool the following year.  As far as we knew, we had never known any homeschoolers.  Yet, after sharing our decision with friends, we found out that some people we knew casually were homeschooled as kids or currently homeschooling.  Suddenly, we were surrounded by homeschoolers!


God could have used many means to get our attention.  When whispers to our heart were questioned, when coincidences like magazine articles were easily put aside, He used people – specifically homeschool families – to steer us to this decision. 


I thank God now that He led us to this place, teaching our kids at home.  I still ask why.  Why didn’t I always do this?  Why did I ever let someone else raise my kids for six hours a day?  Any why on earth did I ever watch reality TV anyway?


To those of you who’ve been teaching your kids at home, please know this: Someone somewhere may take on this lifestyle because of what you’re doing today.  God might just use you to convince a skeptical mom.


Sitting in my living room watching that show a year ago, I never would have guessed that over the next year, God would lead us to not only get rid of television in our home, but to homeschool our own kids. 


Today, I am so in love with homeschool that I barely recognize that agonized mom begging God to not make her do this.  I pray that one day God may use us to help another family.

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  1. mamala permalink
    March 17, 2009 11:14 am

    God is such a gentleman.
    Never shoving anything down our throat.
    Never demanding overnight ‘buy-in’.
    Ever waiting for us to ‘get it’.
    Leading not pushing.
    I could learn a thing or two from Him

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