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Sick Days

January 29, 2009

Last week, both girls were down with the fevers, aches, coughs, and colds.  In spite of my plans to make homemade chicken soup and read stories by their bedside, we ended up watching a Sponge bob marathon and eating leftover pizza. 


Two days in, I began to feel guilty and made more of an effort.  I read them stories and though I never did get the ingredients for the soup, I did some other little things. 


Here, I’ve compiled a list of ideas beyond soup for sick days. Depending on their level of sickness (and yours) you can pick and choose from these ideas next time the flu visits your house.


Breakfast in bed

If your child is able to hold food down, why not serve them breakfast in bed?  I’ve found that a TV tray next to their bed works best.  A bud vase with a flower if available is a nice touch.  My girls love tea with honey, so that is a must.  If their stomachs are upset, some toast or saltine crackers are in order.  Otherwise, pancakes, cereal with fruit, or egg and cheese biscuits are always big hits.  Keep it low in sugar and as nutritious as you can make it!


Offer comfort

Whether it’s a warm or cool rag, a special pair of thick socks, or a certain blanket, find something your child can look forward to when he’s not feeling well.


We have a purple, aromatherapy, microwaveable neck pillow that is in high demand during not feeling well days. Although it is strictly Mom’s, I’ve been known to part with it for a sick kid, or one that is having a hard time going to sleep.  The smell is heavenly, and the warmth brings instant comfort. 


Feel-better foods

Do your kids have certain foods they crave when sick?  I wanted peach soda when I was a kid.  Jelly beans, popsicles, cold fruit, soup, ramen noodles, and crackers are big in our house.  What do your kids crave?  Make it available when possible.


Just hang out

The only good thing about being sick is the extra attention from mom and dad, right?  If your kids are up to it, skip some chores and spend time hanging out.


There are many talking games you can play while sitting in bed or on the couch.  Twenty Questions, Would you Rather, and I spy are our favorites. 


[A note:  I don’t think I’ve ever been to the doctor’s office without playing I spy!  It’s kept my kids occupied during long waits for years, and despite the fact that the décor remains the same, we’re still finding new things to spy.]


We also have some made up games we like to play, like “Guess what movie I’m thinking of”, or “Guess who I am thinking of”, where we give three clues and the person has to figure it out. 


Another fun way to pass time is ask open-ended questions like, “What would you do with a million dollars?”  Or “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go?”  I have girls and they love to talk about their futures: weddings, children, and plans for businesses.  What do your kids like to dream about?


Go to the Web

There’s tons of printables online that you can take advantage of.  Look up word searches, coloring pages, crossword puzzles and more.  Or, you can print out riddles and drive yourselves crazy for hours.


Something to keep in mind

All these ideas can be great, in the right circumstance.  Above all else, remember, you know your kids best.  They might just want to lie down and watch a movie, read, or just close their eyes and not be bothered.  Maybe a Sponge Bob marathon and leftover pizza sounds perfect.  Keep in mind how they’re feeling and their personality.  The point is to be available and comforting…which brings me to my last idea:


The most important thing!

Of course, don’t forget to pray over your child. Of all the comforting routines, this one is the best.  Teaching your child to go to the Ultimate Comforter is something they will draw on for the rest of their life! 


I would love to hear any ideas you have for sick days around your house!  You can post them in comments.

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  1. turtlemomma permalink
    January 30, 2009 10:28 am

    these are great ideas.
    We sometimes go to the library to borrow movies and I crave popsicles when my throat hurts. 😉
    Feel better!

  2. January 31, 2009 4:59 pm

    Great ideas. Sometimes only a mom can give the comfort they need when they are sick. My twins are sick too and last night one slept on top of me and the other right beside me, thisclose. They just wanted to be near me. It brought me comfort too since I could hear them if they needed me.

  3. angelamills permalink*
    February 2, 2009 8:34 am

    I love the idea of getting movies from the library. They usually have stuff you can’t find at blockbuster, like the old Alice in Wonderland TV show that was on years ago…I can’t remember the name now.

  4. angelamills permalink*
    February 2, 2009 8:36 am

    Hope you guys are all better! Aren’t you glad you get to be the one taking care of them!

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