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Unity through prayer

January 20, 2009

 As of today, we have a new President.  You may agree or disagree with his politics and policies. Maybe your vote helped choose him, or maybe you would not have chosen him if it was up to you.  But guess what?  The voting is over, and whether or not you like it, he is now in fact the leader of our country.  A job I do not envy! 


As a mom, I can’t imagine how his wife and children must feel.  It is no doubt an honor to be elected, but on some level they must be just a little bit anxious or scared even.  Who knows what it’s really like until they’ve been there?  And for most of us, we’ll never be there.


That’s why I’d like to remind everyone today to say a prayer for President Obama and his family, too.  If you’re not already in the habit, why not start praying for him at dinner time?


Whatever your political leanings are, you can’t argue that the man needs prayer.  Prayer for his walk with God, for wisdom, safety, and courage. 


I feel for his children, who had no choice in the matter and will now be objects of national curiosity.  Why not pray for them, too?


While you’re at it, you can offer a prayer for his wife.  She is after all, just another woman.  One who is going to have to support her husband and his demanding job, while learning to fill her new role.


We’ll read and hear lots in the coming months and years about whether or not Obama is doing a good job as our president, but that’s not really our job to decide.  Instead of joining in, why not bless him instead? 


I thank God I live in a country free to worship Him.  I’m free to walk down the street with my face showing, free to pursue an education or career.  Free to Homeschool my kids. 


Tonight, as we gather around our dinner tables, let’s give a minute or two to thank God for what we have in this country, and pray for those who have much, much less. 


Then, let’s each take a minute to bless our new President and cover him in prayer. 

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  1. turtlemomma permalink
    January 21, 2009 6:46 am

    Amen and Amen. Too often us christians are too eager to point fingers and call names. We forget that the Word encourages us to pray for those in power over us and to submit to those God has placed in authority. You just don’t mess with God. 😉

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