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A Family That Collects Together…

January 14, 2009

Ordinary things become treasures when you turn it into a family collection.  Kids of all ages will love to be a part of finding and displaying treasures, and you’ll love working together as a family.


First, decide together what you’ll collect. A hint:  Be selective.  Your collection will likely carry on for years.


Finding ideas:

  • When planning your collection, think about what you already do regularly as a family.  Do you go to the movies often?  Collect ticket stubs.  Maybe you are hikers and you could start a small rock collection.  We love the beach, so it was natural to start a shell collection.


  • Ask your kids!  They may have a great idea.


  • Do you travel often?  Collect something that is often found at tourist shops, such as postcards, snow globes, spoons, thimbles, mugs, magnets, etc.


  • Start a collection based on a period in history, a different culture or country, or a favorite sports team.


  • Find something goofy, like Pez dispensers or something classic, like a State coin collection.


  • If you can afford it, collect something that can become family heirlooms, such as antique quilts or rare books or dishes. 


Displaying your collection:

Next, find a creative way to display your treasures.  We have our shells in a large glass vase.  Recently, we collected several tiny shells and put them in a smaller vase.  We’ll need to add another vase soon, we’ll have a row of vases with shells someday.


You can use a shelf, a notebook, picture frames, tops of cabinets, boxes, or even designate a special drawer.  Another idea is an under the bed box that can be rolled out for viewing. 



Start collecting! You may even have a few treasures around the house.  If not, consider planning a family outing with the sole purpose of starting your collection! 


What does your family collect?  You can share ideas in the comment section.


Happy Collecting!



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  1. Mamala permalink
    January 15, 2009 8:06 pm

    I often collect dust–likely the biggest collection this side of the Mississippi.
    When I seriously think about it though, we have never had a focused collection–but the idea is cool, in that the sky is the limit.
    Oh wait, I guess that I do collect cookbooks, aprons, and monkey paraphenelia (sp?).
    So look at me, a collector.
    As usual daughter, you make me think.
    I particularly like the idea of involving everyone in the family–then you have the impetus of many brains, thereby expanding your field of decision-makers. It could really be fun as you see what wacky ideas everyone comes up with.
    Wish that we had done that with you kids.
    Maybe next time?

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