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Homeschool Bible Course

January 7, 2009

I had a couple of months to research every aspect of homeschool before I actually had to start teaching. I looked at several Bible courses and just didn’t find any I liked.  I waited to go to the curriculum fair, knowing I’d find one there.  I didn’t.  I finally arrived at the conclusion that I was just too picky, I’d have to design my own.


After thinking about what it is I really wanted my girls to get out of their Bible class, I knew workbooks weren’t going to work for us.  Though there are obvious differences in what I require from a 12 year old and a 5 year old, the objective is basically the same.


I want them to…develop their own quiet time and walk with Jesus, grow in knowledge of the Bible, have scripture in their heart, and develop a desire to know more about God. 


My prayers have been answered!  In a nutshell, here is what we do.


Coco (7th grade)

Daily Quiet time

        Personal prayer time


Assigned reading from scripture.  I assign readings that go with whatever unit we are in.  For this time, her reading is a chapter a day.


Journal entry regarding her quiet time that day.  She is only required to write a few sentences, but she writes at least a page in a composition notebook each day. 


Weekly memorization of scripture. 

She is given an assigned verse or passage and studies it on day 1.  What does it mean, what other verses support this, what does it have to do with her life?  On day 2, she’ll write it out twice in her best cursive.  We practice it aloud each day and on Friday, she’ll take a written test.  She has yet to miss a single word on any test.  Not only that, but Soleil, my five year old often recites not only her own verses, but her sister’s as well.


Quarterly Units

Each quarter, we also study together from the Bible two or more mornings a week.  Our units this year are:  The Tabernacle, Parables, Women of the Bible, and the Pauline Epistles.  I use different resources to create these units and incorporate history, activities, arts and more.  Maybe someday I will post them J


Soleil (K)

Daily prayers

Though we pray together many times a day, in the morning Soleil sits at our dining room table and prays alone, in her heart.  She is a prayer warrior already!


Weekly memorization of scripture. 

Soleil memorizes a verse each week and recites it to me.  We also review constantly.


Daily Bible Story time

I read her stories from Bible books, Bible story cards from Abeka or her favorite, right from the Bible.


Daily Doctrinal Drill

I use a little book I got from Abeka for two bucks.  We review the drills daily at our morning mingle.


Quarterly Units

Soleil participates in the units listed above as well. She is involved in the discussions, activities, oral quizzes, everything. It is way easier than I thought to do a lesson that reaches both girls.  Her favorite thing so far was when her big sister dressed her up as the high priest for an assignment on the Tabernacle.  Because she had been active in the conversations, she knew exactly what every piece represented.


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  1. Mamala permalink
    January 14, 2009 6:39 am

    This is the stuff that dreams are made of. You really need to publish it all; so many others could benefit from your innate teaching ability.
    I just don’t know anyone like you.


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