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My Top Ten Moments in 2008

December 31, 2008


My Top Ten Moments in 2008


With the dawn of a New Year approaching, my thoughts inevitably turn to the year past.  What a year this has been for our family!  Our life is radically different today than it was at the start of 2008.  Since I’ve been pondering all these thoughts, I decided to make a list.  In somewhat chronological order, here are my top ten moments in 2008.


1.  Mexican Cruise!  Eric and I, along with my mother in law and her boyfriend went on a fabulous five day cruise to Cabo San Lucas.  It was wonderfully restful and a great time for us to connect as husband and wife (no kids on board!)  It was just nice to wake up and know that we could do anything we wanted that day.  Plus, dressing up for fancy dinners was a big hit with me after so many weeks in mommy apparel.  I think Eric liked it, too.


2.  Memorial Service for Chris Little.  This is a sad moment, but life changing.  Our family was devastated to lose a dear friend in February of 2008, Chris Little.  She was truly a shining light in this world, and her memorial service was indeed the most memorable one I’ve ever seen.  While it was a time of great sadness, to see a life so celebrated for someone’s love of Christ…it was impossible to walk away untouched.  There were hundreds of people there and person after person got up to share how she touched their life.  Even in her passing, she taught us lessons on how to live every day for Jesus and tell people just how awesome you think they are.  We miss you, Chris!


3.  Our girls Bible study group.  I started this little group of ten girls this year and, oh what a journey that has been!  We meet weekly for Bible study and outreach planning and get together for all kinds of fun.  To see these girls growing in their love for God and their desire to truly be godly…it blows my mind!  They are crazy, funny, loveable kids and it’s an honor to be their teacher at this time in their life.


4.  Eric says we should homeschool.  This is one of my top ten moments of all time, actually.  It went like this:  I felt we should homeschool but kind of didn’t want to.  I told God, ‘If you want us to, you’ll need to convince my husband.’  (Hysterical laughter here if you know Eric.)  Eric comes home that day and says, “I think we should do this.”  The rest is history. 


5.  Leaving our church.  This is another sad moment, but just goes to show how God moves in our life in such unexpected ways.  We made a prayerful decision to leave our church of 4 years with no plans for what was next.  While we miss everyone terribly, we’ve been able to join family in a new environment that holds great promise.  I can’t say I know yet why God moved us, but I know in time we’ll find out.   It is still scary and new, but God is leading the way so we’re all for it! 


6.  Camping!  Eric has always wanted to do this and with Soleil turning five, I had no excuse not to.  For a girl that doesn’t like bugs, dirt, or sleeping in the dark, I was surprised to enjoy it.  Of course, I’m pretty blessed that Eric loves to cook while we’re camping and likes to pack, unpack, and set up his way…which leaves me in the wonderful role of assistant.  Who knew camping would turn out to be a retreat from daily duties?


7.  My brother finds his soul mate.  My brother Jacob and my sweet and wonderful friend Destiny are getting married in 2009.  I couldn’t ask for a better wife for my brother (or sister for me!).  To see their new love and excitement over every little thing is so inspiring!  They are an adorable, godly couple and I see them reaching many for Christ.   


8.  Reading A Woman After God’s Own Heart, by Elizabeth George.  This book has given me a fresh outlook on my role as wife and mom.  It came along at just the right time, too.  It is inspiring to read a confirmation of a wife’s role as helper when the world is continually telling us different.  It is also packed with practical ideas, many of which my family and I have benefited from.  This book, along with the Bible has changed the way I do things day-to-day, and deepened my quest for spiritual growth.


9.  Fun Outings!  I was blessed this year to receive many fun gifts and get to do things I’d never usually be able to do.  (The cruise, for instance.)  This year, we were given a time share in Oceanside for a family vacation, taken to a comedy show of my favorite comic, Brian Regan, I was taken to the symphony for the first time by my husband, and we got to take our whole family to see Wickedat Pantages Theater for my daughter’s birthday.  So many blessings and so many fun times!


10.  Being stuck in bed with the flu.  Seriously.  I missed what was going to be my first ever women’s retreat and my mom, sister-in-law to be and her mom, who is a great friend, were all going.  Yeah, it was sad.  But those couple days God really got a hold of me.  Even though I was sicker than I’ve been in a long time, I was reading the Bible and praying constantly.  I was able to clarify my priorities and God really nourished my soul.  I felt like I got my own retreat at home, and it was some of the best times of hearing from God I’ve ever had.



As soon as I make a list like this, my stomach clenches as I fear I have forgotten something monumental.  But as of today, New Year’s Eve 2008, these are my top ten moments! 


Wishing you a Happy and Safe New Year!


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