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A Tradition: The Lazy Day

December 28, 2008

Our family has many Christmas traditions, but one of my favorites doesn’t actually happen until Christmas is over.  The first year we did our Christmas Rush of 5 visits, we were so tired the next day that we did nothing.  The same thing happened the next year and so our tradition was born.


Every year on December 26, Eric takes the day off and we have an official lazy day.  The day starts with us all sleeping in as long as we want.  When we’re good and rested we venture out to the living room where it usually looks like a toy store exploded. 


A big chunk of the day is spent attacking those super-strength twist ties with scissors.  (I believe they were invented to keep kids – and their parents – from instant gratification.)  Once the toys are extracted from the box, we start assembling.  I prefer to dole the toys out one at a time so the kids can really enjoy them. 


This year, we spent about two hours playing with a new Barbie house before we were ready to move on to something new.  Right there on the floor with us was my twelve year old, new video games aside.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.


On our lazy day no one even thinks of getting dressed except my five year old who happens to live in play dress-up clothes.  We turn off the phones, watch movies, and snack all day instead of having sit-down meals.  No grand menus here! 


Instead of spending the day cooking, I resort to sneaky tricks.  For example, when I am doing my Christmas baking, I always keep a few of each treat I make and put together a tray of assorted goodies for our lazy day. For more substantial fare, I heat-up rather than cook, usually yummy, bad-for-you finger foods that we try to avoid during the year.  That way, lazy day can even be lazy for Mom.


Thinking of starting your own lazy day?  Maybe you don’t have a super-busy holiday, but surely there’s some time during the year that you could all use a scheduled break from reality. As far as traditions go, it doesn’t get any easier than this one! 


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