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About School at Home

December 23, 2008

The main question people asked when we shared our decision to home school our kids, was, “Why?”  Some have made their disapproval (loudly) known, while others simply look at you like you’re crazy and quickly change the subject.  For the most part, though, people are incredibly supportive and interested.  More and more, folks have stories to share about awesome families they know that have taken this same path.  What we are doing, we do only with God’s leading.  Mostly cheerfully, sometimes grudgingly and always one day at a time.

In this category, I’ll share what we’re up to and how we manage education at our home school.  Right now, we happen to be on Christmas break (Yeah!)  so there’s not a ton to share.  Eventually, I will post our philosophy of education and some home school facts.  I also want to share what approach we are taking and what curricula I am using. 

I also want to encourage anyone thinking about home schooling their kids, and dispel some of the preconcieved ideas out there.

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